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Event Planner

Organize Lifestyle exhibitions

We Plan and Organize Lifestyle and Fashion events, help participants to promote their Products and services in B2C category.

Retail Consultant

Retail Management Services

  • Recruitment
  • Training & development
  • VM & Merchandising
  • Retail Operations
  • Retail Lease & Projects
We are the providers of the complete and customized retail solutions to clients. Whether you are a new in to retailing or an established Retailer , we can help you grow or flourish your business through our tailor made Retailing Services for you. Right from Retail Property search, Project co-ordination to Recruitment, Store Operations , Staff Training, and Development, we offer complete retailing solutions for your business.
We use all our experience and expertise to grow your business and manage your retail operations in a perfect way to ramp up your performance.
Kamal Bhutani

Kamal Bhutani

Tiaraa is an initiative by Kamal Bhutani.

Kamal Bhutani (Brief Introduction)

  • Career started as an Accounts Executive in 2000.
  • Step in to Retail as Retail Sales Officer (entry Level) in 2003.
  • Served in different Roles to Industry Best Retail Companies till 2015 mid.
  • Job roles – Operations, Training, Sales etc.
  • In companies like Tanishq, adidas, Reebok.
  • Quit Corporate Job from Mid Level Management in 2015 (mid).
Wish to Explore – Retail is a Lifeline and has huge scope of opportunities so there are Many things wherein want to explore as an Individual which I couldn’t do in Corporate so new Journey begun since 2015 (mid) till now……
  • Started exploring into Exhibitions, events & some time later on Retail Management Services as well.
  • In Retail Services – Idea & effort continues is to provide end to end solution to client and Key Focus on People Management specially on Retail Warriors.

Core Services


Job for freshers in retail
  • Staffing Solution
  • Qualified Recruitment
  • Experienced Staffing

T & D

Training and development
  • Learn With Retail Experts
  • Work With People
  • Specialized Occupation


Visual and retail
  • Share best Practices
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Merchandising


Retail Operations
  • Managing Retail
  • Team Recruitment
  • Sales & Operations

Retail Leasing & Property

Retail Property

Choosing the right property or location matters a lot, when you are looking to open a retail store. Every area or region has certain benefits and drawbacks as well. However, if you are not a property expert, you either have to do a lot of research and analysis before going ahead with your project or you will end up choosing a location that may or may not be fit for the retail business and operations. Keeping a check on the budget is also a key factor when you are searching the right property or location for your retail store.We at Tiara retails play a key role in identifying the most appropriate location and property for your Retail business and operations. With our team of Retail Property experts, we choose the property with perfect location, size as well as price for you. We look in to every minor and major aspect of a retail business and operations while selecting the right property and area for your Retail store, so that you can straightaway focus on Retail Project and operations.

Retail Projects

Once the location and property is finalized, the next uphill task in front of you is Store projects. Making the store appealing, attractive and friendly for customers as well as employees is the ultimate objective of every retail owner. It has to be a place that magnetizes every passerby as well as makes the staff feel comfortable and pleased. However, this key objective can only be achieved through perfect synchronization of technical and practical aspects along with the great coordination between brand and project team. We play a key link between Project organizations and your project team and coordinate with both until the successful launch of your retail store.

Practice Continue

Work With Best Brands

In order to provide clients with specialized solutions,
Tiaraa has developed expertise with the following sectors :

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We at Tiaraa provide finest recruitment services to the new entities in the retail sector, in order to help them establish their foothold in the industry. To cater to the growing demand of the huge number of customers in India, need of genuine and trusted Retailers is evident. And when it comes to opening a retail store, hiring the expert staff is one of the crucial things you require to look in to.

At Tiaraa, we employ the high qualified recruitment experts with years of experience in the retail industry. We are a key link between Retailers and the retail job seekers in the country. Whether it is about offering a job to person with rich experience in retail or offering Jobs for fresher in Retail, Tiaraa is a key recruitment service to get in touch with

The experts here keep a close eye on the candidates who possess the right skills, passion, and retail experience. With our vast experience in the Retail sector, we know your process, requirements, and staffing needs the best and hence, provide the customized and best staffing solutions to you. Tiaraa offer various jobs in retail sector, i.e. whether it is Retail Associates Jobs ,Retail Store Manager Jobs, or the Customer Care Jobs, specifically in Northern India. We have a rich data base of the employees with retail experience and expertise, which we use to provide you best and affordable recruitment solutions. At Tiaraa we work with an objective to help you establish in the retail industry by providing you key support in recruitment, Training and Development, VM and Merchandising, etc. Our team of recruitment experts and specialists works to provide you full service experience and become your valuable retail recruitment partner.

Retail Training and Development is the key aspect of Tiaraa Services. We offer the best Retail training and development services in the country through the Retail experts and professionals having vast retail industry experience.

Like any other industry, Retail is also a specialized occupation that inculcates new process aspects and industry practices with every passing year. However, the retailers mostly the new ones in this business, often don’t have an idea how to identify and provide Retail training to their employees, which need detail observation on the Job and then identification for the best Retail Training program for the Retail staff.

We have an answer to all Retail Training & Development questions

We take up the issues of both employees and retail business owners, when it comes to Training and Development. The retailers often have the questions how to help the retail associates attain their targets? How to make them learn the best selling techniques and customer service mantras?

On the other end, the retail employees often have the questions, i.e. how to become great Store manager or sales associate? or how to tackle customer complaints?

Well we at Tiaraa provide answer or solution to all such questions by offering the Training & Development program from Fresher to sales associates and store managers. Our training team has vast experience in every retail sector to train and develop the employees and associates of diverse retail sectors. Our Training and Development experts have years of experience and expertise in providing the in store training to the sales associates as well as the store managers.

At Tiaraa , we employ the best Visual Merchandising Solutions and layout plans to make your retail store appealing as well as tempting. Whether you are a just launched retail store or planning to open a new one, Tiaraa  can offer you best Merchandising solutions to hit the bulls eye right from the word go.

We at Tiaraa are committed to offer customized and comprehensive retail solutions to our clients , right from choosing the right property, until the start of their Retail sales and operations.